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Why a Blog?

I am wired to be excited about things, but am usually excited in the lonely sense: I’m the only one geeking out. This leads me to a confusing place where I guess I think that there is a magic phrase or a context that I’ve failed to use, because if others really understood what has me excited they would be, too, right? So… I rant in the hope of ending my lonely plight by making others excited, too.

Too often, this fails, and I’m learning not to do it, but I will continue my rants here in the vastness of virtual space in the hopes that maybe, and just maybe, some random encounter will occur between myself and someone else —  ANYBODY ELSE — that is excited about the things I am. I’m talking “On a Soapbox” kind of excited. Scream out loud excited. Go on and on excited.

Ok, so I do that...

Ok, so I do that…

Things that Excite Me:

  1. Jesus. His grace rocks, and I like to go into rants about that.
  2. Music, especially its production and arranging, and I like to go into rants about that.
  3. Software development, especially all the strides that have been made in Agile and DEVOPS. I really like to go into rants about that.
  4. Ok, and computer games. Yes! Lots and lots of computer games! I don’t usually rant about them, though. Playing them is more fun.
  5. Geeky board games.

So, maybe you’re an excitable person, too. If so, feel free to join in. Rant alongside me and end my loneliness. :)


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