Stardate 11022015…


I have a dilemma. I was playing Eve Online earlier today when Providence’s military leadership deciding to take a shiny new fleet into enemy space to, um… show off or something, I don’t know. We went to a system deep … Continue reading

Becoming a Software Developer Today (For Old Farts Like Me)


I was a software programmer in the US Air Force in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Gratefully, I was a part of a “modernization effort” to pull systems from IBM mainframes into client-server applications. I was sent to Oracle … Continue reading

A Name is More Than Just a Word


I attended a friend’s senior college recital this weekend, and afterwards was listening as her father prayed a blessing before eating. He spent quite some time thanking God for his daughter and her effort over the last four years. Maybe … Continue reading

Relax! Being 50 Rocks


I recently had my 50th birthday, and I’ve got to say that this age is awesome. The pressure is off, and not because of other people, but because I’ve realized that most pressure was an illusion, anyway. I know that … Continue reading

Being a Dad Rocks, Even When Your Kids Grow Up


I’ve always enjoyed being The Daddy. Having an excuse to play with toys, watch cartoons, geek out on video games, and eat popcorn for supper at a movie is an awesome list of perks, but the kids themselves are the … Continue reading

Geek and Grunt: What’s the Difference?


In our jobs, hobbies, ministries, or whatever, there are at least two approaches we take to them: the geek approach and the grunt approach. There are those that are motivated by interest (geeks), and those who are motivated by obligation … Continue reading

Geek & Nerd: What’s the Difference?


I have a definition of geek and nerd that I admit did not come from anywhere but my own word usage. I’m curious to see if what I think is in common with what others do. I’ve asked some friends … Continue reading

Why Can’t We Just Have It?


I’ve been watching as many of my believing friends and family are having to lose something that they had put a lot of hope in. In a couple of cases, it was a dream (like being able to be a … Continue reading

Ministry is Simpler than We Think


I’m one of those people who, when given an idea or opportunity, pull a Geronimo and go ‘charge!’ headlong into it. I’m either so interested in a thing that it becomes an obsession or I want nothing to do with … Continue reading

Married for 30 Years?


Today is Deanna and Eddie’s 30th wedding anniversary. When I say that in a crowd, everyone’s eyes go big and they notice (again) the number of white hairs in my beard. Their eyes go big because most folks can’t conceive … Continue reading