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This is the last post in a series that started HERE.

It’s hard to sum up a topic that it seems should be so obvious: Worship teams worship, performing bands perform. Why do we make everything so complicated? I’ll tell you why: we are a mess! That’s what makes the gospel such good news. We’re a mess, yet are loved anyway.

We have an opportunity to engage in Revelations 7 worship every week, and it doesn’t take a show to create that. There is no weight to the burden on our shoulders to see this happen, because any weight we would put on ourselves that is burdensome is more than we need. We don’t have to go into some kind of energy debt as though we are making an investment in a Sunday service that should give us a profitable return. Jesus gives us what we need, and all we have to do is make use of exactly what He gives us and no more. Our sacrifice at the altar is simply praise. We don’t have to be heroes, superstars, or even great bands. We just have to take what Jesus gives us and turn it into praise, motivated by gratitude and a great satisfaction for our Redeemer.

Any other agendas are in the way and will be a source of distraction, frustration, discord, and self-worship. The eradication of these agendas will never be complete, but a struggle to remove them is much more profitable than the struggle to build reputations and control people.


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I am a nobody. Or, rather, I'm a nobody who has all spiritual blessings because my life is redeemed by the work of the risen Jesus. He is everything I need. Hear that, heart?!? HE IS EVERYTHING I NEED!

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  1. K. Morris says:

    Great article series. Thank you Eddie for your servant’s heart.

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