Being a Dad Rocks, Even When Your Kids Grow Up


I’ve always enjoyed being The Daddy. Having an excuse to play with toys, watch cartoons, geek out on video games, and eat popcorn for supper at a movie is an awesome list of perks, but the kids themselves are the biggest perk of all. It’s something you can’t understand until you’ve been through it, but there is something holy and magical about the way a dad feels about his kids.

This doesn’t stop when your kids grow up, either. If anything, it gets a little more mystical.

For example:

  1. I have discovered that there is some kind of blessing present in the light that shines under the bathroom door when my daughter is getting ready for her day every morning. It’s probably because the light reflects off of her before it hits the hallway.  When I walk past that light the effect is stronger than a good cup of coffee.
  2. There is a similar effect from the sound waves that come from a phone when my son calls us from Alaska. No matter what is going on, when I hear the low-pitched thrum that is my son’s voice coming through the phone, everything seems better. It’s almost like there’s a chemical reaction in my brain when his voice is picked up by my ears.

I love watching my kids as grownups. They learn things. God changes them. They face life, sometimes with my help and sometimes without it. Either way, it’s an awesome thing to observe. In lots of little ways they are a blessing.

More examples:

  1. My daughter dropped hints to buy a new board game this week. I love good, geeky, board games, so she has blessed me by liking the same thing.
  2. My son called to ask what degree program he should enroll in to become a software developer. I am a software developer, so my son blessed me by wanting to become one, too.

Here’s what I’ve discovered: I can best see the blessings of my grown kids when I stop putting expectations on them. They need to live their own life without worrying about what “The Daddy” thinks. All they need to know about what “The Daddy” thinks is that he loves them, just because, and that he always will.

Now I get to get ready for the weekend, when I’ll get to play that new board game with my daughter and might even get to play an online computer game with my son.

It’s Good to Be THE DADDY

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