Geek and Grunt: What’s the Difference?


In our jobs, hobbies, ministries, or whatever, there are at least two approaches we take to them: the geek approach and the grunt approach. There are those that are motivated by interest (geeks), and those who are motivated by obligation (grunts).

A grunt sees a thing as something that must be done. Maybe it’s a task at work you have to do to keep your job. Maybe it’s dinner. Maybe it’s time with the family. The grunt is motivated to do the thing only because he thinks he has to.

To me, it is not fun to be a grunt. There’s no joy in merely pursuing an obligation, and those who receive such effort from you are hardly served.

A geek sees a thing as something that must be fun. The geek wants to become an expert at it, be it something at work, cooking at home, or having a blast with the kids. The geek is motivated out of interest. They are motivated out of passion, even.

When I employ people, I want geeks, because grunts only see the task and do exactly what they are asked. Grunts don’t get better at anything except doing the same thing in less time. As friends, I want geeks, because grunts would only hang out with me if they think they have to. Have you ever done something you thought was awesome with someone who doesn’t CARE? You were the geek. The other person was the grunt.

Are you usually a geek or a grunt? I pray that God will make us all geeks, because as believers we have plenty to geek out about.

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