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Geek and Grunt: What’s the Difference?


In our jobs, hobbies, ministries, or whatever, there are at least two approaches we take to them: the geek approach and the grunt approach. There are those that are motivated by interest (geeks), and those who are motivated by obligation … Continue reading

Geek & Nerd: What’s the Difference?


I have a definition of geek and nerd that I admit did not come from anywhere but my own word usage. I’m curious to see if what I think is in common with what others do. I’ve asked some friends … Continue reading

Married for 30 Years?


Today is Deanna and Eddie’s 30th wedding anniversary. When I say that in a crowd, everyone’s eyes go big and they notice (again) the number of white hairs in my beard. Their eyes go big because most folks can’t conceive … Continue reading

Appreciation is not Love


For me and many of my friends from high school, when we were ready to launch into our adult life, the plan was to surround ourselves with what we were calling love. We were to find someone special to love, … Continue reading